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…very actively involved. We are always striving to maintain the best possible service, skills, and equipment we can with the resources we are provided by our taxpayers.  All members are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and commitment to training and to calls.

Members meet at least three times monthly to train. Two meetings are fire training, and one meeting is EMS training, since EMS is a large part of what most modern fire departments do.  All members are expected to attend the majority of regular meetings/training offered.   We also provide opportunities for members to pursue Firefighter 1 and 2, Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training, and we strongly encourage all members to seek those certifications when the opportunity is available.  In recent years we have hosted EMT transition, and firefighter 1 classes that we opened to other area fire departments as well as our own members.

All new members start with a six month probationary period, during which they have several online classes to complete, and an extensive list of practical skills they must learn and demonstrate competence in. The check sheet must be completed, and a final probationary exam completed to continue in membership. During probation, new members learn skills needed to be safe and to become useful firefighters.  They will not drive apparatus to emergencies, or engage in dangerous firefighting operations until all phases of probation are completed.

After probation, each member is still obligated to participate in regular training to maintain basic skills and learn a variety of new skills.  Firefighting, rescue, EMS care, apparatus operations, hazardous materials, and many other things are required skills for active firefighters.

Members are also responsible for maintaining our equipment and facilities. Making sure apparatus and equipment are always ready for a fire, or simply changing a light bulb or mowing the lawn – it’s all part of keeping the department in a state of readiness and professionalism. It takes the involvement of every member to get it done.

From our newest member, to our senior folks with decades in the fire and emergency services, it takes all of us to make our department the best it can be.