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OUR MISSION - We are committed to protecting life, property and the environment in our community by providing community outreach and prevention, rapid and professional fire suppression, medical and rescue services, and response to related emergencies. Our mission is accomplished by professionally trained personnel, through teamwork and innovation, utilizing the personnel and resources provided by our community.

OUR VISION - With pride in the past and growing to meet the needs of the future, we will strive to provide the best possible emergency and preventative services to our community.



In the 1960’s, most rural areas of Kansas had no organized fire protection, and Blue Township was no different.  One night in 1966, a fire broke out in the K-Hill Engine Service shop on east Highway 24. Owners John and Wilma Brooks got a call from neighbors that it was on fire, and began frantically making phone calls to get help.  There was no “911” in those days, so…

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All of our members are volunteers, and all have obligations and commitments outside the fire department. At the same time, we take our commitment to our community very seriously, and recognize we cannot fulfill that commitment if we are not…

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Blue Township professionally maintains six Fire/Rescue apparatus. Our apparatus are used in a variety of emergency situations from structural fire suppression, wildland fire suppression, motor vehicle crashes, rescues and medical emergencies.



Training is a major focus of our department. Just as the best athlete cannot function well if they do not routinely train, both individually and with the rest of their team, we provide frequent opportunities for all of our members to…

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Keep your butts to yourselves! All it takes is one ember to turn into hundreds of thousands of acres. ... See MoreSee Less

This morning while out early, I observed a dangerous activity. A vehicle while driving down the highway in early morning darkness threw out a cigarette butt out the window. This rolling little sparkler sent sparks everywhere and could have easily ignited a roadside fire. The warm, windy and very dry conditions make that activity extremely dangerous. Please consider potential consequences of your actions.

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Blue Township Fire Department shared Pottawatomie County RFD 1/ St George Station #10's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

A huge shout out to our neighbors in the fire service this morning, thanks to Blue Township Fire department's quick response as well as wamego city and Louisville! Great save tonight gentleman and outstanding team work!!!

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PLEASE double check any prescribed fires conducted in the past few days. Don't let your well orchestrated prescribed burn turn into tomorrow's emergency or headline news story! ... See MoreSee Less

There are plenty of planned grassland burns out there today. Don't let today's burn become tomorrow's wildfire! Fires can rekindle especially in the presence of strong winds. Wind gusts by Sunday afternoon will be in the 20-35 mph range out of the south. (Please visit weather.gov/top for more information.)

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